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Ps2 tony hawk underground cheats

Hidden Skaters: Enter the following names in Create-a-skater to unlock hidden skaters: 1337, akira2s, alan Flores, alex Garcia, andy Marchel.
Moon Gravity: Enter getitup as a cheat code.Editor's Pick Chartbeat namco bandai games for pc Monitoring String monitoring_string Nielsen Pingdom.Peds Group G: Beat 100 of owners manual for a bayliner 1750 ls classic mode.Graffiti Tagger: Beat Berlin in story mode.It may take a few tries to get it right but its fun none the less.Get Alien, Sherk, etc: Enter "costars" at the Cheat menu.Original Tony Hawk: Beat classic mode on normal difficulty setting.Complete New Orleans in Story: Jester."cheat code" and "Official Cheats Source" are trademarks or registered trademarks of gamerID Network LLC in the United States and other countries and may not be used without permission.Complete Classic Mode on Sick: Pedestrian Group.
Cool special make all you call of duty modern warfare 1 save game specials look like it did over the helicopter jump in Hawaii.
Unlock Natas Kaupas: oldskool, unlock Nigel Beaverhausen: Sellout, unlock Paulie: 4-wheeler.
After you pick your team of 5 pro's, attempt the Vancouver Spine Challenge.
Bailey, big Tex, chauwa Steel, chris Rausch, chrisP.Pick any of the pro's, but instead of the game loading up the mission again, it will just restart you again as if you failed the mission, but you will still be skating as that pro.After that, the game tells you to do a big combo, and if you dont git it right the first time, you fail.Grind the helicopter missiles in order to bust open two holes in the side of the mountain.(supplied by: dakoto) Drunken Man.In order to turn it off just got to a jump (any will do and pull a special trick this will make it go away.Ollie out of the end of the tiki tunnel and try to aim when you ollie at the levitating object.Paulie: Go to Options, then Cheats and enter 4wheeler.Jesse James: Beat classic mode on sick difficulty.Complete Story on Easy: Space Monkey 1, complete Story on Easy: Phil Margera Complete Story on Easy: Geeky Kid.Complete classic mode on sick: Jesse James.If you did it right, your guy should be kind of crooked in the background.

Always Special: likepaulie, submitted by Etheralhawk, yoyo, ps2gamer33, 2003matt.