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The president is responsible for making a wide variety of appointments.
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Archived from the original on Retrieved b Singh, Mahendra Prasad (2019).19 :96 For example, in 1969, when President Zakir Husain died in Office, Vice-President.Uncertainty and Mixed Signals: The Political Future of Raje, Shivraj and Raman.Check Out: Public Service Commission Exam Books appsc Group 2 Mains Syllabus appsc Group 2 Paper 1 Syllabus General Studies And Mental Ability Events of national and international importance.To expand ethanol production, it has allowed using sugarcane juice and starch containing materials for production of ethanol.President's prime duty is to prevent unconstitutional decisions of union and state governments and parliament or state assemblies by denying his compulsory assent for making them into applicable laws.Removal from office by each house of the parliament supported by a majority of the total membership of that save game skyrim ps3 house and by a majority of not less than two-thirds of the members of that house present and voting on the ground of proved misbehaviour.Archived from the original on b The Constitution of India: For all Academic and Competitive Examinations.Important Links Related To appsc appsc (,.,., ).By reason of death.Ram, Editor, Frontline "K.All money bills passed by state legislatures are submitted to the president for approval.President has constitutional immunity for his unconstitutional, mala fides activities during their tenure but liable for judicial action / punishment for his unconstitutional activity after the term of presidency The union cabinet has constitutional immunity from legal proceedings in any court for their mala fide.Deep and Deep Publications.
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It can be extended by six months by repeated parliamentary approval-there is no maximum duration.
These include: 17 :72 Financial powers A money bill can be introduced in the parliament only with the Presidents recommendation.
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6 The president is the common head of all independent constitutional entities.
Appsc Group 2 Syllabus 2019 in Telugu/English for both Prelims and Mains by hitting on the below mentioned direct links.Such an emergency must be approved by the parliament within two months by a simple majority.Archived (PDF) from the original on 24 September 2014.It was revoked in 1968.According to Article 62, an election to fill a vacancy caused by the expiration of the term of office of President shall be completed before the expiration of the term.All important treaties and contracts are made in the President's name.A vice-president who acts as or discharges the functions of the president has all the powers and immunities of the president and is entitled to the same emoluments as the president.Also, such treaties are subject to the approval of the parliament.However, almost everything that the president does or wants to do is taken care of by an annual 225 million (equivalent to 470 million or US6.5 million in 2018) budget that the Government allots for his or her upkeep.Money, Banking and Public Finance: Concept of Money and measures of money supply ; Creation of credit by Commercial Banks; determination of Price level- Inflation, its causes and remedies; Budget taxes and non-tax revenue.It can last up to a maximum of three years via extensions after each 6-month period.Important presidential interventions in the past The President's role as defender of the constitution and the powers as Head of State, especially in relation to those exercised by the prime minister as leader of the government, have changed over time.President being head of parliament, Executive and supreme commander of armed forces is fully empowered by the constitution to fulfil his judicial responsibility.Appsc Group 2 Exam Syllabus PDF.