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Outboard boat motor repair manual johnson 10 hp

outboard boat motor repair manual johnson 10 hp

Replace the face plate, choke button and slow and high-speed knobs.
Make sure you have the correct size gaskets. .Notice that the float is deteriorated and junked up with varnish. .Click here to ableton live 9 suite 9 crack for windows 7 32bit see the procedure for this upgrade.Motor has been Fully Serviced : new water pump, gear lube, honda pc 800 service manual new oil filter, fuel system cleaned, new thermostat, zincs.They will create needed friction for these needles so they will hold their adjustments. .Remove the packing nut for the slow speed jet.Again in segments of 1/8 turns, start to turn the top needle valve.The second gasket helps insulate the carburetor from engine heat. .Remove Timing Advance Tension Spring, remove the throttle linkage. .The carb kit comes with different size gaskets because the same kit may be used for larger carburetors. .
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The carburetor is part of the overall Fuel System which starts at the gas tank and fuel line. .
You can do initial settings in a tank and then fine tune the settings once you are out on a body of water.
It is amazing how many people think they can run their motor on fuel that is several years old.
Anything you buy through our m search tool will help support this site.Adjust the Timing Advance Base Using a 5/16 wrench, adjust the timing base so that the wheel just begins to touch the timing advance base at the "start" mark. .Replace High-Speed Nozzle Float Valve Assembly New Float Valve from Kit Replace Float Valve Replace Float Valve Assembly New Float Valve Clip Float and Pin Clip the float needle spring to the float hinge.Bore and Stroke (in / mm).When the throttle is turned to advanced, adjust the other end of the timing advance base so that the throttle linkage holds the butterfly valve wide open.Air Silencer, remove Air Silencer Screws, lift and Remove Air Silencer.When you buy a part using our Amazon or eBay links, we get about 5 commission we use to fund projects and hosting fees associated with this site.Compression is Starboard 90, 90 Port 130, 130.The unit has 900 hours and passed full mechanical evaluation with full service perform.Wipe down and blow off all parts with compressed air. .This site is very much alive. Make sure you have the correct size gaskets. .You will be reassembling with a new float valve assembly from the carburetor tune up kit.

Disassemble the Carburetor, unscrew and remove the high and slow speed jets from the front of the carburetor. .
Replace the air silencer with it's 4 mounting screws. .