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Mazda 6 manual transmission swap

The later 06 Mazda and Fusion.3 engines use a plastic cover with a hole for the oil dipstick.
There will be some coolant left over in these so have a cup or something else to catch the fluid if you dont want to make a mess.
The same engine from the Fusion was priced between, depending on the mileage.On the bottom of the radiator there will be a drain hole.Look below and disconnect the appropriate plugs on the harness.You can see in the photo below that I have the shift cables out of the way.Update 1: It has been over a year and 17,000 miles since the engine swap and the Fusion motor is still running great.Okay, so you have the battery and air-box out of the way.Provided that the coolant has been drained, remove this hose completely as it just gets in the way.Also remove the top plastic engine cover - it is snapped into place so just pull on it to remove.F - finally, disconnect the battery cables.Cyan - small coolant line, disconnect from the radiator side and you can just leave this connected to the engine.
If you have an older 03 - 05 Mazda 6 then there is more work involved - you will have to reuse and swap your ignition system (spark plugs, wires, and coil pack intake camshaft (because it has a different timing cog crankshaft pulley, crankshaft.
In a nutshell,.
C - two more plugs that you have to disconnect in order to free up the secondary harness.
The optiarc dvd rw ad-7191s firmware update Mazda also used a different crankshaft sensor than the Mazda (sensors have different mounting points).
You can relieve fuel pressure by taking out the fuel pump fuse and starting your car.
In 2005 the Mazda 6 used two versions of the ignition system, the old style spark plug wires plus one coil-pack and also a new individual coil-on-plug system.
Sawzall to the rescue.Grand Touring Sedan FWD, search 1,925 listings, starting At: 23,999.We're sure we could have spent hours at the local parts yard searching for a diesel bellhousing, but by covering everything with rags and taking our time we soon had the clearance we needed.Putting a manual trans behind an underpowered engine is a great way to wind a few more ponies from it whether it's a tired diesel or an anemic four-cylinder.As this goes to press the project is being buttoned up, so head over to our Web site (m) for our driving impressions and the mileage results by going to the "Man Plan." 4, photos.I have a 2006 or up Mazda.Remove the battery and the battery tray.Our mockup with the transfer case found some more speed bumps.

Make sure all the fuel pressure is relieved before removing this!
The dipstick was routed to the outside of the engine.