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Manual de usuario gps leica 1200

manual de usuario gps leica 1200

The RoadRunner application program is described in a separate manual.
It is required to operate the GRX1200 Series receivers.
Only use the supplied stylus on the screens of the touch screen models.
How to Use this Manual GPS1200.Leica GPS Spider The reference station software is known as leica GPS Spider.Memory device CompactFlash card: A CompactFlash card slot is standard.Product The type and the serial number of your product are indicated on the type plate.Whilst other CompactFlash cards may be used, Leica recommends to only use Leica Compact- Flash cards and is not responsible.Up to two external power supplies can be connected using a Y-cable.Path Main Menu: Manage.
Page Screens can have more than one page.
Some of these programs are freely available and can be loaded and are immediately activated.
Data stands for this working sequence: From the Main Menu select Manage.
For the GRX1200 Series one of the two external power supplies can be configured to be the primary which.
System software is also referred to as firmware.
RX1200 To operate the user interface either by the keyboard or by the touch screen with supplied stylus.
Data conversion Export Data can be exported from a job in a wide range of ascii formats.Leica Geo Office The office software including a series of help programs which support working with GPS1200.Power options Receiver Power for the receiver can be supplied either internally or externally.GPS1200 8 How to Use this Manual 1 How to Use this Manual It is recommended to set-up the product while reading through this manual.Phase measurements on L2 are ensured as these receivers auto- matically switch to patented tracking techniques.It also supports all other Leica TPS instruments.Refer to the online help of LGO for information on creating format files.Refer to "7 Safety Directions" for further information.Warning Indicates a potentially hazardous situation or an unintended use which, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury.Identification Enter the type and serial number in your.Fields and options Fie.Software type Software type Description System This important software covers the basic functions of the instru- software ment.

Units page describes a specific page of a screen.
Customised Custom software specific to user requirements can be developed application using the GeoC development kit.
Supported operating systems: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows.

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