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Linux thai font mac

linux thai font mac

I recommend to use xkbvled.
Change directory to /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/misc/ and run command mkfontdir xset fp rehash If you put Thai fonts in different directory, you must use xset to add the new font path.
You can also load.Xmodmap from command line.
Key AE03, minus, ograve ; key AE04, Agrave, oacute ; key AE05, paragraph, ocircumflex ; key AE06, Ooblique, Ugrave ; key AE07, Odiaeresis, ssharp ;.But I will not describe about these.Please see man-page for more information.Please see the content of The following is the sample.Xmodmap for Thai Kedmanee keyboard layout.!!Phaisarn Techajaruwong from, zzzThai ftp site.If autodesk maya 2009 trial patch you can not see any Thai fonts from this command, you may need to restart X window.
For most Linux distributions, when you start X window with startx, X server will find.Xmodmap in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xinit/ first.
You can not type sorusi also.
Thai fonts You can obtain Thai fonts in bdf format or pcf format from internet.
Here is a sample.Keycode 0 keycode 1 Escape Escape alt keycode 1 Meta_Escape keycode 2 one exclam 0x0e5 plus alt keycode 2 Meta_one alt shift keycode 2 Meta_exclam keycode 3 two at slash 0x0f1 control keycode 3 nul control shift keycode 3 nul alt keycode 3 Meta_two alt.Note: If you are using XFree86 version.1.2D or later, you need to add the line XkbDisable in keyboard section of XF86Config file.Normally xmodmap is used to load a keyboard configured file.If you mainly use X window, you may pass this section.Some characters that look odd in other monospace fonts look very nice in Fira Code: a, 1, lower-case-L, Q,.

You can type Thai characters in any applications which support ISO-8859-1 character set, but don't forget to use Thai fonts with those applications too.
See More Top Pro Uniformity As a "Mono" font, Fantasque is uniform in size and overalls.
You may config the keyboard section like the following sample.