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Guest battery charger 2613 manual

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Also read all instructions and cautions for and on the charger, batteries and equipment in the vicinity of the batteries.
Trolling Charger Series, owner'S manual, oN board battery chargers, amperage 5,5,5 Amps 10,10 Amps 10,5,10 Amps 10,10,10 Amps.The Guest model 2613A, 2620A, 2623A and 2631A are designed to both recharge your batteries, and extend your battery's life in applications where it is stored for long periods of time.Read the entire manual before using.This sophisticated device is ideal for recharging and maintaining the 12VDC batteries in your boat, electric vehicle or cart, ATV, snowmobile or motorcycle.When the charger is attached to your batteries and plugged into a standard 115 Volt / 60 Hz AC outlet, the red and green LED's, mounted on the face of the charger let you know the unit is recharging and maintaining your batteries.Models 2613A 2620A 2623A 2631A * : See Connection diagrams for warnings.Important notice, this manual contains important safety and operating instructions for the charger.They are "3-stage" electronic, completely automatic, lightweight, silent, battery chargers and each output produces 12 Volts DC at either a full 5 Amps. 2 (word.30KB) 3 14 7 8 h21.3.19PDF, h17.2.7PDF.Save these instructions,.Unlike automotive "trickle" chargers, the 2613A, 2620A, 2623A and 2631A will not boil off the electrolytes in properly installed and maintained batteries.Amps (model specific while using much less AC current than other charger types.Trolling Charger Series on board battery charger.
Trolling Charger 2613A Battery Charger pdf manual download.
Also for: Trolling charger 2623a, Trolling charger 2620a, Trolling charger 2631a.
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