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1 A day later, IDW Publishing writer Chris Mowry corroborated the claim in an interview with MTV Splash Page, calling "The Fallen" the main villain of the film.
Megatronus Prime, alias, the Fallen, my Master (By, megatron ).In the episode "One Shall Rise the Thirteen Primes were mentioned, as one of the Primes who vanquished Unicron.2 Less than a week after this, however, Michael Bay reiterated that everything leaked thus far is part of their misinformation campaign and that only a handful of people involved with the production of Revenge have seen the script, contradicting IDW's interviews where their representatives.Pliki cookies dotyczące personalizacji - Te pliki są potrzebne, by zapisać ustawienia i preferencje Użytkowników dotyczące wyglądu i funkcjonalności Serwisu, takich jak forum czy kolorystyka.One of the Primes, Megatronus, defied an important rule: "Never destroy a planet with life" He ignored the value of life beside his.His armor is orange in some spots.References Simon Furman confirms The Fallen is a character in an interview with Comic Book Resources MTV Splash Page interviews Chris Mowry A post made by Michael Bay on his forum (currently offline, linking to a mirror on m instead) External Links.The toes are mounted on springs (like the first movie Megatron Voyager toy and though this doesn't cause a problem on hard, flat surfaces, it can be a pain when trying to pose the figure on carpeting.
Top Gry Akcji World War Z Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice God's Trigger Mordhau Borderlands 3 Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Metro Exodus.
The Fallen himself led a group of Decepticons in the landing and the destroying of an aircraft carrier.
The Fallen Then the boy will lead us to him, and revenge will be ours.
The Fallen and Optimus Prime re-engaged.
Like Megatron in the modern toy designs, The Fallen also transforms into a tank.
Merchandise Battle for the Fallen (Robot Heroes, 2009) The Fallen is cute and huge.And plus Megatron wouldn't have served him unless the Fallen was more powerful than.Transformers: Prime The Fallen in the Aligned continuity.The Fallen and his corrupted followers were known as the Decepticons, while the remaining Cybertronians ademco vista 250 programming manual became Autobots.Wieści ze świata (Quake Live, Cities XL, Peter Molyneux) 16/07/09 wiadomość Wieści ze świata to codzienna porcja krótkich wiadomości.Military acted quickly to prevent the destruction of Earth.Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Two years later, Megatron was resurrected by the Constructicons and returned to the massive Decepticon starship, The Nemesis.