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Escape and evasion tactics pdf

escape and evasion tactics pdf

Lesson 7: Use Disguises, reeve talked about people who usually go unseen.
Gather intel on a location you might be visiting, such as demographics, safe and dangerous areas, road infrastructure, emergency response times, and transportation systems.
Having confidence in your role is also part of your disguise.It might save your life.Wazoo Survival Gear let us borrow one of its Cache Belts for autodesk maya 2009 trial patch onPoint Tacticals Urban Escape and Evasion Class.Roughly half the deaths during Katrina were victims of gun violence, Kevin continues.Whats the worst that can happen?It gave us renewed confidence in what we did know, but also reminded us how much we still need to learn.They had families of their own to take care.This will enable you to switch lanes easily if someone tries to box you.You have to rely on yourself.Home invasions often begin with the enemy picking soft targets who are oblivious to anyone following them and gathering intel on their living situation.
Assuming youve studied daytime movement patterns enough, as long as you match the baseline, youll remain invisible.
M Source: onPoint Tactical m Written by John Schwartze Related Tags.
If you look the part and act the part, people are often gullible enough to believe what you say and not question you, particularly if you have some official-looking symbol.
By now youve read many articles in this magazine explaining how people dont rise to the occasion, but rather sink to the level of their training.
An escape-and-evasion scenario is one of the most stressful situations you can encounter.Are there nearby locations that offer free Internet, like a library?Something to think about, especially if youll be traveling into potentially hostile territory.A plastic handcuff key, wire saw, compass, ceramic knife, Ferro rod, and bandages are just a few of the items it comes with.Naturally, we jumped at a chance to learn directly from Reeve.Its amazing how much of a false sense of security these items create for those who dont know how easy they are to defeat.