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If you are interested in mainframes or merely curious to see a what a shell looks like on MVS, you're welcome to tag along.
In this talk I'll present our new and improved onion service design, which provides stronger security and better scalability.
Patrick DeSantis Patrick DeSantis is a security researcher with Cisco Talos and focuses his efforts on discovery and exploitation of vulnerabilities in technologies that have an impact on the physical world, such as Industrial Control Systems (ICS Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (scada Internet.
Security Engineer at LeanKit Inc.She's currently a privacy attorney at Electronic Arts (EA and in her spare time, she runs the Crypto Privacy Village (come say hi!).We will demonstrate a sample bootkit for Apple OSX that was designed specifically for testing purposes.Software defined radio is not only used in the kelyess entry attack, but in simple eavesdropping attacks against 40mhz analog baby monitors.An open source implementation of the Z-wave protocol stack, openzwave, is available but it does not support the encryption part as of yet.Oh, and thanks for giving me the box.The results of our examination show that Zygote weakens aslr because all applications are created with largely identical memory layouts.Of course this approach hinges on the ability to closely observe the malware's actions.On nights and weekends he hacks on electronics, writes DEF CON CFPs, and contributes to the NSA Playset.In addition to the offensive usage, it can also be used defensively by running existing non-security-related test cases to detect security vulnerabilities.This is the stuff of nightmares!
Attacking Cisco VoIP services requires limited knowledge today with the Viproy Penetration Testing Kit (written by the presenter).
As a result, open RPC (135) or SMB (445) ports are typically considered potentially entry points in "infrastructure" penetration tests.
Upon examination, the command and control components of these notorious RATs are riddled with vulnerabilities.The M-Bus standard has been analyzed whether it provides effective security mechanisms.We've learned quite a lot from that attack against contract code, and Ethereum marches.Evan was responsible for identifying and analyzing how Eddie was able to rig the RNG.A sometimes-piratical sailor and inveterate tinkerer, cincvolFLT's recent activities have included promoting the use of new location technologies in wireless carriers' networks, and serving as pro bono counsel to QueerCon.He holds a cissp certification.Videos demonstrating the results should be almost as fun for you to watch as they were for us to produce.Using cptl's framework, monitoring data from any arbitrary tool can be imported through standard data gathering methods such as syslog and snmp queries.The talk will provide insight on how our nation's premier law enforcement agency is detecting and deterring insider threat using a variety of techniques and technologies.Presented by Rob Ragan Oscar Salazar This presentation includes a live demonstration of security flaws in modern anti-theft technologies that reside in firmware and PC bios of most popular laptops and some merck manual home edition ebook desktop computers.This will be covered in full detail so other researchers will know how to properly cad version converter 3.00ware disclose bugs and vulnerabilities.