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You can see photos of Deschamps model and a detailed plan on the NemoTechnik web site.
Paul Kreutzer has provided an illustrated narrative on the analysis behind this design. .The dive planes are incorporated crack palisade decision tools 5.7 in horizontal fins on the aft hull forward of the tail and aft of the dorsal fin. .See an image of the poster here.Overall this is a robust, steampunky version of the classic Nautilus. .O ne of the most carefully executed depictions of the Nautilus I've seen is Ron Miller 's design in all his Unicorn editions. .Most noticeable is the open frame vertical fin. .There is no dive plane amidships, but on the upper aft hull, arrays of three fins with a tab control surface at the aft end of each. .Click here to see more of Greg's Nautilus drawings.A rtists are faced with the problem of presenting something different when doing covers for new editions of 20,000 Leagues under the Sea. .The hull is spindle-shaped but shown with rounded ends in some drawings. .Overall, the appearance is less threatening than graceful but powerful, a beautiful sea monster. .The underwater views of the Nautilus are less accurate.The performance or specific impulse of black powder is low, around 80 seconds. Read Ceano's very short story about the this possibility, with illustrations, here.The side of the hull has an enormous salon window near amidships and a row of smaller ports fore and aft. .I got my kit from CultTVman's Hobby Shop.
There appear to be a line of small ports on the sides of the hull at the vertical centerline and a set of rakers forward of these on the same line. .
Archived from the original (PDF).
The hull is more or less cylindrical with complexly detailed, tapered end. .
The forward hull features short rakers top and bottom and on the sides, a feature found on so many designs. .
It has the classic Goff silhouette with a much cleaner - streamlined - appearance. .The design owes more to Goff as well, with its flat-plate, polygonal cross-sectioned hull, fish-like tail and horizontal hull extensions, but in the end it is all Greg's. .T his is very much disputed, but according to Jerry Pavano, Gustav Zédé constructed this interesting model "in collaboration with Jules Verne" in 1868. .A small prop is mounted on the trailing edge of the aft-most ventral fin. .Wayne Orlicki informed me that the hatch conceals a retractable conning tower, not shown in my image. .

Although resembling his original design, Frank went back to the text for this version. .
There are two small and one large hatch on the long deck. .