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I came to New York City almost 10 years ago from Detroit with only 120 in my pocket and only a stranger's house to stay.WE do not want your kind here.If you wanted her dead for good you came to the wrong place.In 8th grade, I moved up to novels and finished my first one, which was circulated around the school and finally ended up in the principal office.That's why I am here today.I just don't do things like that (maybe one day I will, but it is not today!).7/22/17, if you're avast professional edition 5 with key disappointed in 14 days.9/6/17 *Guest Reviewer on Bachelor Duke who is just coming to the story.I only had a slight hope of a job from an internship, and all I knew, and still know until this day, is that whatever I am to become is going to begin in New York.I don't like a lot of things and guess what I'm silent about it!I know it's a small acknowledgment in our large world but this here makes me feel wonderful and that maybe, just maybe I don't suck!Also, why don't you just log on and we can hash it out b/c you're annoying and I'm very sorry you're disappointed but my other 3k reviewers are NOT.Get it while you can!Thanks to my beta for dealing with my constant stubbornness!
Asshole Brat deserve to be #2, they so damn entertaining!
I've been writing since elementary school, starting with poems and essays.
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She asked me where did I learn about sex.:0).
Way to go Fran!As of September 1st, I will be removing The Suitor.Thanks for leaving the story.I promise not to reveal your identity!10/1, the Five Year Rule has made #2 in the top ten read ficts for August!I do apologize but I always said that it was a very fast thing and if you blinked you missed it!Also, this was a O/S piece and I expanded.Who always stand by me, even when a few thought it should have ended earlier!You're just unnecessarily nasty.So if I have one that is well I'm doing okay!Author has written 23 stories for Twilight.I hope this finds you all well.